Thursday, December 24, 2015

What’s In A Name? 2015’s Most Popular Italian Baby Names

Italian names hold deep provenance. In 509 B.C., Rome had become one of the first democratic nations on Earth. They are the direct decedents of Etruscans, French and the Greeks who were conquerors at heart. Through Italian history you can see how the names of people clearly reflect their love for God, war and beauty. Italians are known for their sensual and romantic nature that permeates throughout their culture.

Ancient Meanings

Many people have been choosing baby names for decades while referring to archaic meanings as well as the beautiful sounds the Italian language makes. Since the 70s, the most popular Italian baby names have been topping the charts in places like Germany, United States and UK. The most popular being a girl’s name, Sofia. Sofia is actually Greek in origin but was brought to Italy before 509 B.C. by the ever popular twin kings Romulus and Remus. These twin kings were thought to be direct decedents of Mars the Greek God and were brought up by female wolves. In a fury, Romulus killed Remus and became the one and only king. This war driven time came up with many names that exude this idea of conquering and invading.

These war-like names may sound beautiful to us today, but they were seen as strong and intimidating names. Allesandro, meaning defender of mankind, happens to be the second most popular Italian name. This trend goes down the list all the way to the #15th most popular Italian boy’s name, Edoardo, meaning guardian of prosperity which still shows the masculinity that Romulus radiated throughout the centuries. Italians also took names, as most cultures do, and adapt them into their own. This has happened with names like Leonardo. Most people think that it is an Italian name, but it is actually German in derivation. Of course this name was taken by the Italians purely because of the meaning, lion strong. Italians want to name their sons with meanings of courage, boldness and brawn, but for their daughters they choose very different meanings.

Celestial Beauty Embraced

Italian girl names are representative of what they are. Women are beautiful and angelic creatures in the mind of an Italians due to their love of the Virgin Mary. This religious connotation brings forth meanings that will conjure the spirit of God and the femininity of the surrounding nature. Aurora, the 3rd most popular Italian girl’s name that is Latin in derivation, is the Roman goddess of dawn. The beautiful dance that the sun plays upon the sky and earth is alluring to all, and the Italians continue to carry this name on throughout the ages. From the Aurora Borealis to the Disney character on Sleeping Beauty, the name is used in different cultures today.


Names that are so richly cherished are also very sacred to Italians. Names that sound so very beautiful to non-Italians usually are considered old fashioned and out of date and you will not be seeing them used as much in Italy today. Like Aetius and Hadriana; these names are not that popular. Also, the trend in many countries to make names sound unique by changing the spelling from ‘Marcus’ to ‘Markus’ is extremely frowned upon in Italy.

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